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Originally Posted by Ari View Post

As I've said several times in this thread, JDS established a distance with Cain and landed a well-timed haymaker for the TKO. The only thing he exploited was Cain's chin. I know JDS meant to land that haymaker, I know it wasn't a lucky shot. He knew exactly what he was doing, but he did not 'expose" or "pick apart" Cain. The fight was evenly contested up until that point.

Read up on some striking arts? I've been training in Muy Thai and kickboxing ever since I was twelve years old. I know quite a bit about striking, and I imagine you do as well. The difference is, my opinion isn't clouded by bias and I can see the world behind dos Santos' testicles.

When you can post objectively for once, then I'll respect your opinion.
Cain countered JDS' jab with the same left hook every time leaving his left side exposed, even landing it once, which is why JDS chose the overhand right. There would be nothing to stop it, Cain would be too busy countering the jab with a left hook, he's done it twice with no comeback.

It's nothing to do with distance. It's about noticing habits and capitalizing on them, and JDS saw right through Cain's attack. Lulled into a sense of security them BAM.

And stop with the biased stuff, I have nothing against Cain Velasquez and I don't support fighters based on nationality, unlike some...

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