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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
No offense but you've been reading my posts incorrectly.
I said that JDS pumped the jab to gauge distance and find his range so he could land the shot, which he was successful in doing so after a brief, evenly contested exchange on the feet. I never said that the haymaker he threw was by accident, he knew exactly what he was doing, but only after he had just established the distance.
He didn't just establish distance. He used the jab to elicit a certain response, which he anticipated, and threw a punch based on the reaction he was expecting.

He didn't "time" his right hand, he set it up. I'm relatively new here and not sure what background you have for calling SM33 a nuthugger, but his description of the finish is right on the money. Your "evenly contested exchange" was a feeling out process, in which both fighters were looking for a hole to exploit. JDS was the guy who found one first, and it took him just under a minute.

Check out 5:14 here:
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