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Originally Posted by Westie View Post
How is it unfair mate? James Toney not only disrespected alot of MMA fighters but the sport as a whole. In my opinion he deserved to be made to look a fool, which is exactly what happened. Why even let him have a chance at winning a fight by giving him a stand-up fighter? Every MMA fan knew what was going to happen when they matched him up with Couture, but some of my friends who are boxing fans thought Toney would just KO him. I think it definitely educated a few non-MMA fans as well as Toney himself.
Maybe, but I don't like this "proving a point" shit. Anyone who respects MMA knows the a boxer can't just rip through anyone. If he had been KOed by someone like Rampage in a stand up fight, MMA > Boxing undisputedly. It's not even that he was given a wrestler. That's not the concern. It's that he was given Randy ******* Couture. I remember a chatbox was on the site I watched it on and everyone was like "this proves MMA is better". It's essentially like putting Ken Shamrock in there with a Klitschko. Toney should have got some low level wrestler who had a big chance to prove himself with a W over a former boxing world champion, but it gives Toney the oppertunity to prove his striking and to potentially put on some bigger MMA fights down the line. The guy was willing to man up and accept a fight with a UFC hall of famer and one of the greatest of all time, so whether he's shit or not he went in there and tried.

Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
I've read that sentence three times and it makes less sense every time I read it.

It's kind of like saying everyone on this planet wants to see how a Biathlete would do against a Shooter in the 50m prone event. Do you want to see that?

Neither does anyone else.
Rampage CHALLENGED Toney to a stand up fight. And you're also forgetting that Anderson Silva is the greatest stand up figher of all time (I'm including Bruce Lee for movie fans). I didn't say "Put an MMA fighter in a boxing match". Stand up involves all aspects of the phrase. JDS only boxes and he's currently the HW champion. Jon Jones mainly stands up in his fights and he's the LHW, Spider? These are the champions, and their main fighting style (in the cage at least) is to stand up and strike. Why are you implying tgat it'd be unfair or unmatched to put James Toney in there with someone who can strike? As that other guy said, Rampage Vs Toney with Page striking mainly would have been great. It would allow everyone to guage that question, of just HOW strong is a pro boxer compaired to everyone else? Fight Science has Bas Rutten as similar yet everyone seems to think the top tier of boxers are superhuman in comparrison, so again, how is it uneven?

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