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I just watched the fight again and there is no way of actually knowing if dos Santos actually was setting Cain up the whole time, but I'm still incined to disagree that he was. What I did see was impressive takedown defense and a solid, well-timed overhand right. I'll concede also that Cain did throw the same combination he used on Nog. A combination dos Santos did well to avoid. While we were left with a clear winner, to still say that Cain was read like a book is still ridiculous because the fight only lasted 64 seconds.

And just to clarify, there is a difference between support and outright bias. As fans of a spectator sport, we tend to root for athletes that we have the most in common with or have backgrounds that we can relate to or admire. I happen to support several fighters from the USA, seeing as thats where I'm from. If Brazilians can be patriotic about their fighters, then so can I. Erick Silva, Demian Maia, and Lyoto Machida are also some of my favorite fighters to watch, so I don't just root for American born fighters. But I don't dangle from Rich Franklin's nuts like a wild pubic hair or something. I don't the fact that Rich is my favorite fighter distort what has actually happened during his career.
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