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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Maybe, but I don't like this "proving a point" shit. Anyone who respects MMA knows the a boxer can't just rip through anyone. If he had been KOed by someone like Rampage in a stand up fight, MMA > Boxing undisputedly. It's not even that he was given a wrestler. That's not the concern. It's that he was given Randy ******* Couture. I remember a chatbox was on the site I watched it on and everyone was like "this proves MMA is better". It's essentially like putting Ken Shamrock in there with a Klitschko. Toney should have got some low level wrestler who had a big chance to prove himself with a W over a former boxing world champion, but it gives Toney the oppertunity to prove his striking and to potentially put on some bigger MMA fights down the line. The guy was willing to man up and accept a fight with a UFC hall of famer and one of the greatest of all time, so whether he's shit or not he went in there and tried.
But that's my point mate, he was calling UFC fighters "bums" and making it quite clear he didn't respect the sport. As for which sport is better, there's no such thing as a better sport, it's a choice you make based on which you find the most entertaining and have the most passion for. I also don't think Toney getting Couture was any worse than Lesnar getting Mir for his first fight, a guy who is world class in one aspect of MMA against a well-rounded, former champion. But hey, we're coming at it from two different angles so I doubt we'll agree.
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