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Originally Posted by Curious1 View Post
He has done this time and time again and rarely misses or gets countered.

Ive been taught to never do this as you could get Knee or uppercut countered.

Its considered a beginners mistake its called "leaning in chin first"

But Fedor is no beginner and he has proven time and time again that the way he does it is both safe defensively and effective offensively.

Would Fedor be safe using this "leaning in bowing slip" in muay thai or boxing?

Is it a good idea or bad idea to lean in the way Fedor does and why?
I've seen tons of one punch KO's with that exact punch - leaning in and to the left and coming over the top with a big right. It draws the opponents attention downward for a split second and boom, light out. It's a safe place to be as long as you clinch if you miss and don't stay there.
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