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Round 1 - Jason Herzog is the third man in the cage to kick off tonight's first fight. They touch gloves and get going. Green with a jab and kick, but Rice house catches it and throws him off balance for a second. Then Green catches a Ricehouse kick and nearly does the same. Good left from Ricehouse. They trade in tight for a short flurry, then back out. Green landing nicely, while Ricehouse looks to counter with kicks. Green with a quick clinch and a nice knee. Ricehouse tries to come inside with a knee, but Green defends. Green is mostly getting off first with Ricehouse countering. But Ricehouse is staying right in the pocket. A nice left-right combo from Ricehouse backs Green up. And then Green lands a big right nad that has Ricehouse on the ground. He lands some more big ones before Ricehouse gets up. Green tells him to come forward, and keeps landing good shots. Ricehouse survives Green's offense, but it's clear Green got some good shots in. High kick from Ricehouse is blocked. Green being very patient looking to finish. Short break for a Green low blow to Ricehouse. Then they work in tight and Green lands a takedown that will easily seal the round. scores the first frame 10-9 for Green.

Round 2 - Good punch-kick combo from Ricehouse early. Green with a nice knee and a teep. Then he catches a Ricehouse kick to the face that nearly was on the money. Green wants a Thai clinch and a knee to the face terribly, and Ricehouse keeps defending, but barely. Green catches a kick and looks for a single, then lets off it. Nice left jab from Green. His corner is imploring him to not stand right in front of Ricehouse, and he works to cut off the cage as Ricehouse circles outside. Green raises his hands and asks for Ricehouse to engage him – then lands a few body shots for good measure. Then a kick just under the chin. More circling from Ricehouse, and he nearly lands a knee in tight. He backs Green up with a 1-2, then shoots for a double and eats a knee for his troubles when he pulls off from committing to it. He ducks under a Green right hand, but Green ties him up. Green working to take his back to look for a choke, but he can't hang on and Ricehouse gets back to his feet. They'll end the round tied up along the cage. It's another 10-9 round for Green on the unofficial scorecard.

Round 3 - Big uppercut from Green 12 seconds in, but Ricehouse stays standing. He fires back with a 1-2 of his own. It's more of the same – Ricehouse circling outside and Green landing almost at will. Green's corner is talking to him, and he's answering back, saying, "Yessir!" Benefits of a quiet early crowd. Green gets a short takedown, but there's not much there and back on the feet they tie up along the fence. Green looks for a knee, but Ricehouse pushes him off. Good body shot from Green. Halfway through the round, Ricehouse isn't showing much urgency in a fight he must think he's losing. Then a leaping front kick by Green smacks loudly, and again he tells his opponent to bring it. And again he talks to his cornermen. He gets inside and lands nicely, but Ricehouse ties him up and looks for a takedown. Green defends and we go back to the middle. Nice right hand from Ricehouse throws Green's head back. Ricehouse kicks, but it's not there. Green shoots and then again tries the Karate Kid-style kick. But the round closes. It's another 10-9 frame for Green, and has him winning the fight 30-27. Bobby Green def. Matt Ricehouse via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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