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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Eight seasons of that show jeebus!

Recap: Buyout
Intense opening sequence with eerie music playing in the background. We get to see how each character deals with the aftermath from last weeks episode. Some are callous, others emotional, some just whistle away and carry on. This was a good episode in further developing the characters. Why do they do this. What makes them tick. The audience deserves to know. Very potent stuff.

What do you guys think of Todd and his future role...
The last two episodes of BB is perhaps the very best dramatic television that I have ever seen. The episode with the train blew my mind. I thought about it for days.

This weeks episode also has me thinking. In fact, i can't quite get my mind around what I thought they did with the kid. Did they do what I think they did? The silence of that scene highlighted only by that music was absolute brilliance.

At this point, I think I identify most with Jesse. I can see him struggling, and that is exactly what I would be doing...struggling.

Walter seems to be developing a serious case of megalomania.

I cannot imagine where this show goes from this point on. This is the only drama I watch on television, and I am utterly addicted to it. What an amazing show it is.
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