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Apparently there are weight classes she could fight in, although it seems Strikeforce currently only signs fighters for the lighter classes. I'm sure that they will start bringing us more womens weight classes as talent pool widens and demand grows. With a former Olympic GOLD medallist perhaps coming into the sport, I'm sure the interest to see her fight would warrant getting her some opponents and staging fights at a higher weight class.

I imagine she could probably cut a fair bit of weight from what she currently competes in Judo at (58kg) but 145 would probably be too big a cut wouldn't it?

Here is some info I got from another site...

"Many people know there are weight classes for male fighters - but few realize female MMA fighters also are required to abide by a preset weight class standard. According to the Mixed Martial Arts Referee Handbook mixed martial artists are divided into the following classes for women (note that these weight classes were never ratified into the MMA Unified Rules of Conduct):

• Flyweight – 95 lbs. and below.
• Bantamweight – 95.1-105 lbs.
• Featherweight – 105.1-115 lbs.
• Lightweight – 115.1-125 lbs.
• Welterweight – 125.1-135 lbs.
• Middleweight – 135.1-145 lbs.
• Light Heavyweight – 145.1-155 lbs.
• Cruiserweight – 155.1-165 lbs.
• Heavyweight – 165.1-185 lbs.
• Super Heavyweight – 185.1 and above.

Editor's Note: Most promotions no longer make any distinction between the names and weights of the men's and women's divisions. See their respective rankings:
• Featherweight (145)
• Bantamweight (135)
• Super Flyweight (125)
• Flyweight (115)
• Strawweight (106)
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