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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
I mean i could use the same argument against an evolutionist theory on how old the Earth is. If the Moon moves away from the Earth 2 to 3 inches every year, which if you use the same carbon dating principles they use for fossils, you assume it has been doing the same thing since "the beginning of time", which if the earth is 20 billion years old, it simply wouldn't add up. When they say these fossils existed (4 billion years ago is as far as they have dated back), the tides would have been so strong the earth would have been inhabitable. Same rule can be applied to the sun who's is getting 5 inches smaller every hour, which if the Earth is 20 billion years old, it would have not been inhabitable. But if you believe the Earth is 6-10 thousand years old, as a creationist does, then those factors would not make a unlivable effect.

The theory is that the moon was created when Earth and Mars collided 4,5 billion years ago. So it hasn't been doing the same thing since the beginning of time because it's relatively young. And life begins in water. I'm no expert but I don't think life in the seas is made difficult by the tides. To counter the sun argument... well, I don't have to because it might be right. The oldest fossils found are 3,4 billion years old so maybe Earth was uninhabitable 20 billion years ago. It doesn't conflict with scientific data.

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