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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
I mean i could use the same argument against an evolutionist theory on how old the Earth is. If the Moon moves away from the Earth 2 to 3 inches every year, which if you use the same carbon dating principles they use for fossils, you assume it has been doing the same thing since "the beginning of time", which if the earth is 20 billion years old, it simply wouldn't add up. When they say these fossils existed (4 billion years ago is as far as they have dated back), the tides would have been so strong the earth would have been inhabitable. Same rule can be applied to the sun who's is getting 5 inches smaller every hour, which if the Earth is 20 billion years old, it would have not been inhabitable. But if you believe the Earth is 6-10 thousand years old, as a creationist does, then those factors would not make a unlivable effect.

We are obviously violating the threads rules but I'd like to make it clear that though my faith is in creation and not evolution i do acknowledge the fact that either way you have to believe that either God came from nothing and has always existed or that mass/energy has always existed and came from nothing. You can not argue the quantum theory against a creationist because any "law" such as it or gravity would have been put into existence by a creator that created the world. If you are interested in learning about creationism and the FACTS (That don't rely on the Bible) I can show you some videos that are highly extensive and argue all points of creation vs evolution.
I've seen many videos of creationism vs evolution and the like, none of which show me, on any level, the creationism is real. It's all very silly to me.

As for life on Earth, scientists estimate the first sign of life on earth was 3.8 billion years ago, and it's not based on fossils, there were no fossils during this stage of the planet, it is the chemicals of a living organism from a rock that was deep in the ocean (back then) which we found in Greenland (that's where life started, in water not on land). Eventually, this life transformed into flora on the ocean floor, life grew, spread, and as such created oxygen, which was about 2.4-2.8 billion years ago give or take. This (oxygen) allowed for the eventual existence of land life.

Also, who said the Earth is 20 billion years old? We clock the Universe at 14.6 billion years old, we clock Earth at 4.5. Also, scientists tend to not carbon date fossils, as it's not as accurate as other types of dating.

You talk about evolution and life, but it seems you know very little about it. I can link you a few websites you can go to that explains all of this in detail, not twisted detail by non-scientist creationists, but information from actual scientists in the field who explain it thoroughly.

I like BM's quote when he said "in a debate about science, you have scientists and non-scientists, since the subject is indeed science, the non-scientists don't have a leg to stand on". It would be like trying to present the stork theory (babies come from the stork) to someone who studies reproduction for a living and has multiple degrees in it. It's silly.
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