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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I actually agree with Cyborg (except the disrespectful comments about Rousey).

Ronda has cleaned out the BW division. She is fully capable of making FW, has faught there before, and at FW there is a super fight that everyone wants to see. I see the ball being in her park. It's not "Rousey doing something for Cyborg". Cyborg will not HAVE to be off the steroids, so for this fight I think the mention is irrelevent. Rousey is easily able to fight at FW and really has completley no reason no to. If she haden't made a big deal about it, it wouldnt have been like she is "giving in".

Rousey Vs Cyborg at FW! If Rousey doesn't want to move up, Cyborg can just wait until Strikeforce feeds her other fighters to knockout until she gets the belt back. Steroids or not she still smashes their faces in.
Hold on, are you saying this fight should happen at FW so that Cyborg can stay on the roids if she wants?

If so, then that is quite possibly the most rediculous thing ive ever read on here.
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