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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Wow. Really?

Bold reply - Except she is the champion at 135, and actually holds legit victories, and would only be moving up to face a steroid using freak. Cyborg has NO belt and could easily make 135 if she wasn't a steroid abuser.

Cyborg has no say at all in my eyes. She either does what Rousey wants or pisses off. Rousey would be entirely in her right to refuse ever to fight her, let alone moving weight classes to do so.
Rousey claims that she can beat the "steroid using freak".
And as I said, Rousey has DEMOLISHED BW. No compition what so ever. I'm sure she knows that no one wants to see her get another 5 wins in Strikeforce against 'Random Girl A' until UFC takes Strikeforce and she is fighting in a small time promotion.

I agree with the second part. Cyborg has no say, but she doesn't really need any. Even if she gets cut from Strikeforce, she can go out and KO everyone she faces like she has always done, and wether or not she's in the main light, people WILL watch. Jewels would big big bucks to see a wrecking machine like her getting some American spotlight for their promotion. She doesn't need Rousey because again, she's the 'steroid using freak'. People don't watch her to say "That's the classiest and best woman's fighter of all time", people watch her to say "****, she smashed that chick's face in". Rousey needs this fight because it will follow her around. She's the one in the spotlight and in the media and stuff. The name "Cyborg" will be next to hers for her entire career unless this fight is made.

In summary, I think Rousey should move up regardless because she's killer her current weightclass and I'm sure Strikeforce will import female FWs to fight her. The superfight at that class makes it the clear option to me.

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