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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I think he deserves some respect for stepping up though. He had to know that he was way out of his prime, stepping in with a HOFer in MMA (something he'll never achieve in his own sport).

I agree with no sport being better. I find combat sports to be the only ones that keep me entertained but many people are big into their football.

I've heard a lot of people say that Lesnar was always pushed towards being the star and Dana wanted him protected, but when you look at the competiton Lesnar got in such a short amount of fights, it's ridiculous. Getting the Korean guy at I think 2-5 was typical for a first fight. But then getting Frank Mir, Heath Herring, Randy Couture, Carwin, Velasquez and Overeem consecutivly is one of the best line up of fights I've seen.

But that was the same scenario. Lesnar was thrown in with the wolves because they wanted to show the difference between a "pro wrestler"'s physical ability and an MMA fighter's. I suppose Dana figured that it was win/win in both cases. One way, he proves that he has the surperior sport, and the other he gets a big name fighter with a lot of hype on his roster. I suppose in Toney's case that you could say he is battle tested. He has been through fights were as a new comer to MMA wouldn't be, so that experience allowed him to skip the small promotions. Maybe it's just the dying boxing fan in me trying to keep some sort of favouritism for the sport that got me into watching fighting.

EDIT: I'm looking it up now. Toney directly called out Kimbo Slice. That was MUCH better suited. But at the same time, lmfao at "David Haye said you were delusional to fight in MMA, what is your response?" "David Haye is gay" bwahahahaha.

Agree with alot of what you said there. I didn't know he said that about Will have to look it up.
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