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Ni-Ni-NiNi-Ni-Nick-Nick....NICKELODEON! (Nick is kids)

I'm sittin here on the computer and my kid is watching Nickelodeon. He's watching a show called "The Naked Brothers Band". It's not a cartoon btw.

It's clearly targetted to elementary kids. Like between 4-10. All they do is play and sing songs basically.

But it's not completely for kids. It's got some stuff in it that is not something you see on other kids' shows. The 2 main characters are little kids and brothers, and they have fake tattoos on their arms. Why? They keep it on the whole show. Why do they show little kids with tattoos? And it's not like it's part of the plot or anything that he has a tattoo, it's just part of his character. And he's like 7. The creator's of the show purposely put the tattoo on him. I don't get why. Not that tattoos are "bad" or anything. But they're not for kids. In fact as I type this I am seeing more kids with tattoos. Kids watch this show and think tattoos are for everyone and are cool. I mean, there are fake tattoos in cereal boxes, but at least they know it's fake. In the show, they just play it off like it's a real tattoo, they never acknowledge that it's fake. And little kids aren't going to question that anyway. I just think tattoos are something adults should worry about, not little kids. There's no point to making the kids have tattoos unless it's part of the plot of the show. This one chic has tattoos all up and down her arms and she's like 11. Why? The only reason I can think of is because the creators think tattoos are cool and know that it will make little kids think they're cool too. But why?

Another thing I noticed is that when they sing and dance, the camera constantly zooms in on the girls' ass. Again, she's like 11. She's wearing shorts like 3 inches long and they are purposely zooming in on her legs and ass, and nothing else. This show is for little kids! Like, there's not even a plot or anything, it's just kids playing and singing basically the whole show.

So it may not seem like a big deal, but the point I'm making is why are they doing it? Little kids don't need to see stuff like that, what are they trying to accomplish by adding unneccessary things like zooming in on a toddler's ass or showing kids with tattoos all over their body?

It's not just this show though. I notice it on almost every Nickelodeon show I watch, it's just this time it was so blatant and ridiculous I had to make a thread. It's always little subtle things, and I've always had kind of a thing for criticizing television and commercials. Basically everything on TV nowadays is trying to brainwash you some way or another. The creators are using TV as a platform to get their opinions and personal views across and instilled in other people's minds. There's always something unneccessarily added to shows simply because it's the creators personal opinion and they are taking advantage of the platform they have to "make a difference".

But I don't get the point of what they're doing on these kids shows. It's almost like they want this country to go in the shitter.? LOL, it's like MTV for toddlers. I don't get it.

(I was high when I made this post forgive me for how I may have overanalyzed it a bit lol)

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