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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
So you have him in judo? They are having them Rendori? I would still stick with my post b/c we have wrestlers come in and use dbls and singles and they get told to use the technique they were shown in class not that wrestling is bad just they want to expand their skill sets.

Make sure he uses his opponents gee to gain leverage. In jujitsu top/bottom position is less important I think but in judo they are looking to pin opponents.

I usually dive for the belly and step over to side control if they don't stop me or swim but there is no one move I can think of that gains an advantage from the start and that's prob why we start from there half the time.

Another thing that sometimes works is getting a high grip on each side of the neck and using body weight to help pull them onto all fours then go for the back.

Jens Pulver, greatest lightweight striker of all time, no seriously.
sweet, yea that's awesome advice.. I would never think to grab the gee.. and I realize it's a different sport, this seemed like the most legit forum, that's why I posted here...

he wants to wrestle, I'll be g2g there.

he watches this all the time.. ha. this kid is sick

I'm just trying to guide him in the right direction here and although I don't know the advanced moves, with the right advice I believe I can teach him the basics..

and to answer your question, he's in MMA, but I believe the school started as karate then switched to MMA once it got popular..

also, if rendori is sparing on their feet, yes they are, but no throws etc, just strikes with pads on..

Anyway, thank you for you suggestions...
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