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Originally Posted by StandThemUp View Post
He has both been shafted and the benefactor of judging.

When you are a fighter, notorius for not finishing fights and ending in close decision, you will live by the sword and die by the sword. Some of the wins, he didn't deserve, some of the loses he didn't deserve.

All in all, in the end, he was the champ for a while, defended his belt, and eventually lost it. He has nothing to complain about.

Yes, we can focus on and complain about just the last fight and only the last fight in a bubble. But what about the first BJ fight? Most people didn't think he did enough to take the belt at that point. Which would have ended his run right there.
And the first Henderson fight, was close, but definitely in favor of Bendo and that should have been it. He got a second chance to win a fight he already lost, and yeah, he may have gotten ripped off that second time. But, if he wasn't the beneficiary of controversal judging, he would have even had that chance in the first place.

So as a whole, Edgar should feel "Whole" as a LW fighter and LW Champ. In the end "He won the belt" - "held the belt" - "He even defended the belt" - "Then lost the belt". With him, the problem is, all those things happened, but not in that order. But in the end, that's what happened. Which is pretty normal and enough to be proud of.

Let me put it this way:

FE vs BJ I - He didn't win the belt - But got it anyway.
FE vs BJ II - He didn't defend the belt - But actually won it for the first time.
GM vs FE II - He defended The belt via a Draw.
GM vs FE III - He Defended The belt via a KO
BH vs FE I - He lost the Belt - But was given a rematch anyway.
BH vs FE II - He actually won the belt - But lost it like he should have, because he didn't actually win BH vs FE I. And normally wouldn't have gotten a second chance anyway.

So in the end, it all works out, just not in the normal order.
Nice breakdown! Think we all pretty much agree here. Edgar reminded me of Tyson Griffin. I never thought he would become champion actually with that style. If BJ trained the way he did against Diego and kept his conditioning up to par he should/would have won. Just like against Hughes II he had him in a submission. Time ran out and in the next round he expended all his energy and got TKOed. Actualy same against GSP I.

I'd like to see DC vs Edgar eventually.

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