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I don't think Frankie was shafted, I think it's just bad karma from his decision making. I think Frankie had a lot of resentment from all the back to back defenses he had to do and never quite felt like the champ. The fact that he asked for a title rematch is what really sets this off, just because you had to do it doesn't mean Bendo has to. It would have been a much better career move for him to accept the Bendo loss and take a match or two to get his head together. Now he has to drop down in weight because he's shit out of luck when it comes to a title shot for about 1-2 years in the LW division.

Frankie's a good guy, but he takes a lot of things personally and holds a lot of resentment because of it. Do I think he wanted to drop down in weight? Absolutely not, I do not believe he changed divisions with the mindset he needs to succeed. Does that mean he wont succeed? Absolutely not, Frankie is one of those guys who also gets a big confidence boost when things aren't going his way and never gives up; he perseveres.

I think we haven't seen the last from Edgar, but if he wants to stay relevant he really needs to change his attitude. I wish Edgar the best, and he's won me over as a fan because he has a lot of qualities I would like to embody, but at the same time those qualities seem to come with some faults and I think if he focused on them he can be a great champion. His losses to Bendo will only haunt him if he lets them, both decisions were razor thin, and Bendo has to deal with the stigma of defeating the champ the way he did twice; Frankie should be happy.

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