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I think one of the biggest problems with TRT is that it creates an advantage to older, wiser fighters. Now you've got guys training well into their 40's with the performance of their 20's, and the experience of a veteran which is unfair for younger fighters and sets them up for TRT use in the future.

I understand for a lot of these guys MMA is not just a career, but a way of life and it can be difficult to call it quits. Part of life is re-inventing yourself and adapting as a man to new experiences...

It's unfortunate that this conversation even comes up, but take guys like Frank Mir who become Testosterone deficient and receive an exception at the age of 34 with no prior testosterone related issues. How do you just become deficient in a hormone in a sport that elevates testosterone just out of the blue? You mean to tell me this wasn't caught when you had any other medical screenings? TRT's not new either, it's been around for awhile now.

All's I'm saying is if you have more guys abusing it instead of being properly diagnosed, what's the point of allowing it? It's almost being looked at like a medical supplement, it's not...these aren't multivitamins we're talking about.
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