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Apparently photobucket is having some problems here in the last few days. Makes sense since I couldn't even log on there yesterday. Hopefully the pics show up soon.

In the meantime, I was given the name of a speed shop in a neighboring town that builds dirt track cars. They build everything for them including control arms which is what I was interested in. Tonight I went to the shop and mocked up where the axle tubes will be and measured up how long the arms will end up. I will be calling them tomorrow and am going to have them build the arms for my four link. It'll look sorta like this.

Except on the ends of my arms I'll have heim joints like these.

I don't have a left hand thread tap so I'm gonna order them longer than I need and have them do left hand thread on four of the ends and leave the rest alone. I'll figure the exact length and tap them for the right hand thread myself. You need both thread types for adjustment.

I'll also need a truss on the top of the axle to mount the upper arms. The center section of most axles is cast iron which can be hard to weld so you just build a bridge from one axle tube to the other so you can weld on steel. Sorta like this but my truss will be round tubing and I'm going to run my lower arms to the center crossmember to triangulate the suspension.

When you triangulate the four link it helps avoid the axle from shifting side to side and creating a rear steering effect similar to floorboarding a front wheel drive and it steering you into traffic or the curb

That's all I got for now. Hopefully my arms are done tomorrow and I can get back to it Friday heavily. I'm running out of time and it'll be a miracle if it get's done. Thanks for reading
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