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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
No, as mentioned previously, the UFC killed the card by depending on a single fight to carry it. What if it was JBJ who got hurt and they had to scrap the main event because of that? The card would still be cancelled. The UFC did not prepare properly and are clearly still not learning from their mistakes.

Still while I think JBJ was smart not to take the fight, I also think he should have to pay back karma for getting his shot on short notice.
You're right, it is the UFC's fault for building a card entirely on two fighters, however, Jones was the one who killed it; not Dana.

Jones turning down a fight with Chael to save the card was unreasonable on his end. Perhaps Jones didn't think the whole card was going to get cancelled based on his decision, but he's just being stubborn not taking the fight with was an easier fight for Jones in every possible way you look at it and he would have made money, which is what he's supposedly in this sport to do. Every time you get in the cage as a champion you will be risking more than your opponent just based on your prestige coming into the fight, that is part of being a champion and having the right attitude. Look at Anderson Silva for instance, he moved up to LHW as the MW champion, risking his image doing so, but he approached it with the right attitude and walked away the victor. Jones is stubborn, contradicts himself, and is extremely selfish and immature; **** Jon Jones.
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