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Originally Posted by limba View Post

Blame it on
It's his fault again.

__________________________________________________ _________

- Dana White, on Sonnen getting a title shot, august 21st 2012

Limba you know I respect you man, but you know my thoughts on JBJ as stated on the previous articles. It's not hate, it's simply the experiences I've dealt with, with these type of individuals and their mindset. I don't agree with it.

How can one support an individual who only thinks for himself. This is why corporate America has fallen to the wayside with narcissistic behavior. You know the bankers didn't lose money the stock holders and public did...why...cuz the CEOS parachuted out. For a lack of better analogy...JBJ doesn't care about anyone else. "It's their problem not mine," mentality is what's screwing up society.

I understand their decision, but I don't agree with it considering the ramifications. Everybody is effected; fans, venue, sponsors, all fighters, TV networks, the UFC taking a major hit, all the way down to the staffing who get paid to clean the venue. Jon wants money right...he's in the position of strength where he can say look if you want me to fight I'll fight Machida, but not Chael. If you really want me to fight Chael (which he doesn't deserve) then I'd respectfully asked to be compensated $500k, 10% ppvs, throw in a new bentley, etc...etc. The UFC would probably meet half way.

In the end that would be the single biggest PR move to help bolster JBJ's rep. He gets paid double, fans appreciate it, and he'll most likely get another title defense against Chael.

Can't believe the ENTIRE CARD got pulled because of two individuals. Mind boggling...

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