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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Insane. I'm really bummed. I wanted to see if Hendo had something up his sleeve.

I can see both sides of the issue, but this is VERY bad for Jones, who has been making himself look like a complete jackass lately. This is only going to make things much worse. People already see Jones as this thin-skinned, immature, pompous young kid with a chip on his shoulder. He has a bad relationship with the media, the fans don't like him, he's not as big of a draw as the UFC wants him to be, and now fans and fighters alike are going to call him out for this. And knowing Jones, he'll react like a 12 year old and start throwing a fit about the backlash.
This exactly. Just like the DUI, somehow he'll make it not his fault and it's all the "haters" kid is delusional.

Also just curious. Has Greg Jackson telling Jon to not take the fight been confirmed by Greg? Wonder what will happen if it turns out Jon just turned this fight down.

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