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Originally Posted by Dtwizzy2k5 View Post
Jones is the champion and Jackson is the best trainer in MMA, period.

Jones is now a hated champion, and this best trainer in MMA just advised his fighter in a way thats going to go a long way to ruining his career and any future sponsorship deals. Are nike going to want to renew their contract with the most hated fighter in the sport? Is there anyone more hated then JJ after this?
Every time he fights the whole stadium is gona be booing him from now on. He's gona get hate mail, he's gona get called a bitch every time he walks outside.
This is gona define him for a long time. There is more to being a world champion then just throwing down when the bell goes. Things like class, honor, the spirit of a warrior none of which he has demonstrated in the last year anyway. Chael summed it up with what he said about being a businessman. JJ is no businessman, he has money and he thinks because of that he is a businessman. He is a fighter and he just chickened out of a fight that has pissed off a lot of people and really messed up a lot of fighters struggling to make ends meet.

The so called best trainer in MMA period is very very generous of you. He is a PR catastrophe for himself and for his fighters. He is responsible for Guida vs Maynard. Condit vs Diaz and every snooze fest GSP has put on over the last few years. He puts people off watching MMA - I wonder how many people tuned into to fighting for the first time only to switch off watching a guy run away for 5 rounds or lie on someone for 5 rounds. He can take the best fighters in the world who have the most exciting styles and skills and turn them into machines who's legacy is going to be in the shadow of just doing what it takes to win, and doing it without any class.
He shouted at JJ condescendingly to go and get some fans before, and now he has well and truly obliterated JJ fan base with his advice.
The worst decision of his career to fight another wrester when he was lined up already to fight an olympic wrestler who has more credentials then chael? Chael has no right hand or knockout power either.
What DW said about Jackson was being kind to him. For every good fight in the UFC, theres a greg jackson trained fight regressing it back.
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