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Originally Posted by Finnsidious View Post
Someone tell me wtf is wrong with Dana. I know he's an idiot sometimes, but seriously Dana, shut...the....****....up.

He's accusing JONES of doing something bad for the sport. Jones??? Yeah, because offering a title fight to a a guy who lost his last fight, currently fights in a lower weight class, and has never won a fight at lhw in the ufc, that is GREAT for the sport.

Thank god Jones turned it down, if he hadn't, you could just shut the UFC down for good, not one event, and go watch the WWE. Everyone would be saying loud and clear "The ufc is not a meritocracy, we don't want the best fighters, we just want soap opera'.

Hey guys, I know, lets call Hulk Hogan, I think he's available to fight Jones. How about Bob Sapp, or Jean Claude Van Damme? Those would all be popular too right?

**** off Dana. Try offering the fight to more than one actual LHW. I know Machida turned it down, so your next call is Sonnen?? How about Weidman? Or ANY other lhw who has actually won a couple fights at lhw?
No one stepped up apparently.

Fighting Jones on 8 days notice is suicide, sure you may not have "anything to lose" like a ranking or a title but the chances of you taking an ass whippin' you won't soon forget are pretty damn high, and only one man was willing to take that challenge and it's Chael P. Sonnen.

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