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jones didn't ruine the night, Dana did

have no love for JJ but really don't think Dana has any reason to be mad. well he has every reason to be mad at his own incompetence,but jones has nothing to do with it.

sonnen, just got murdered last fight, moved up to lhw,untested at lhw at least for a long time,has nothing to lose but everything to gain. I can imagine sonnen step up to face jds should cain can't fight ufc155. Not to mention that a bout with sonnen goes both inside and outside the octagon. sonnen creates tons of mess and drag you into it. Any one at jj's position, at least for now, would avoid being associated with sonnen.

JJ designed his game plan for henderson not sonnen,his mind is set for henderson not sonnen. if he takes the sonnen offer its great,but there is nothing wrong otherwise. after all he doesn't have to risk his belt to cover ufc's loss.

Dana, who learned nothing from the jds-overeem incident, has no back up plan, got no marketable co-main event,is the one to blame. Dana cancelled the event because he is not at all ready for unforeseen difficulties, and now he blames JJ for not cleaning up the mess.that's so convincing.
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