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Originally Posted by woshishabi View Post
JJ designed his game plan for henderson not sonnen,his mind is set for henderson not sonnen. if he takes the sonnen offer its great,but there is nothing wrong otherwise. after all he doesn't have to risk his belt to cover ufc's loss.

Dana, who learned nothing from the jds-overeem incident, has no back up plan, got no marketable co-main event,is the one to blame. Dana cancelled the event because he is not at all ready for unforeseen difficulties, and now he blames JJ for not cleaning up the mess.that's so convincing.

Other than the H-bomb, Hendo & Sonnen are very similar. It would be an easier fight against Sonnen.

You must have forgotten how Jon "Spineless" Jones got his title shot. Let me refresh your memory, it was as a short notice(2-3 weeks)injury replacement. Injuries happen & fighters should be expected to stay on the card and fight the injured fighter's replacement.

Whether you want to admit or not, Sonnen as a replacement sells. Heck, Sonnen might sell better than Hendo.

As for the co-main event, this wasn't the original fight. After injuries, we had what we had. There wasn't much the UFC can do about injuries except find replacements.
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