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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Out of curiosity... does anybody consider themselves a Jon Jones fan at this point?
I am. I have no reason not to be. I am a fan of fighting and he is an awesome fighter. I don't look to these guys as role models, or to be an example of moral conduct or anything like that. As long as they bring it to the octagon every time they have a fight. While I am dissapointed I won't see Jones fight next week, I will see him fight a few weeks later and that's fine with me. And I can't fricken wait.

As far as these tweets and contradicting statements. Jesus Christ guys. Maybe some of you are not in your 20's yet, or still in your early 20's so this won't mean much, but damn, I am 42 years old and if I think about everything I said when I was in my 20's, everything I meant to do vs everything I did and every mistake I made......Holy shit, I could write a book about it. So who am I or any of you to critisize this guy for making the same kind of mistakes we have all made (or will make if your still in your teens)?

Just because he is a Champion Belt Holding UFC Fighter, doesn't mean he isn't still a 24 year old kid. Give him the same amount of slack you probably got, or will need when you were or will be in your early 20's.

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