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More Chael being Chael - "I am the best, no one wants to fight me, but I always blow it in the big fight".

After all the talk before Chael vs Silva II how can anyone fall for this crap again?

I just can't believe that anyone would listen to a word Chael has to say. It's beyond pathetic at this point. Yeah, sure, Jones didn't want to fight you, but probably mostly because he thinks so little of you, that he didn't even want to give you the honor of being in the ring with him or give you a chance to win the belt on some kind of fluke. There is nothing that Chael has done to deserve that opportunity. So he doesn't deserve it. That's not Jone's fault.

Yeah, Yeah, Chael is the Man...Why, because he said he would be willing to fly out and fight Jones on that same night. Guess what folks. I am willing to fly out and fight Jones tomorrow night as well. Wow! Look how easy it is to proclaim to something that has no chance of happening. I would also be willing to go hand to hand with Big Foot for a million dollars. Bring it on, that's how tough I am. You can't stop me, I am the best. Hell, I am also willing to fight Anderson Silva right now. Oh, he doesn't want to.....well, then he is a bitch and I am the man. "ROLLS EYES"

So he is willing to fight for a championship belt he has no legit right to fight for and if he loses, no one would have anything bad to say about it. Wow, yeah, it takes a really big man to agree to that. Give me a ******* break. What is so damn admirable about that? Who of us wouldn't agree to do the same thing, right now, for the same payday, win or lose?

Chael is as fake and hollow as a $1.00 Easter Morning Bunny Rabbit from the local pharmacy.
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