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Originally Posted by 3DLee View Post
its crazy to say Chael would have nothing to lose in this fight. its absurd. if Chael sonnen lost this fight, hed likely never ever get a nother title shot in the UFC again. If Chael lost this fight, he becomes Rich Franklin. He got asked if he wanted to fight JJ in 8 days, not if he wanted to fight JJ ever. His answer was yes, ill fight him immediately. Because Chael is the ******* man.
"If Chael lost he would likely never get another title shot" ??? Isn't that what everyone said after Sonnen v Silva II??

Like I said, I would fight JJ immediately too. Does that make me the man?? Of course not, because it would never happen. It is in no way shape or form impressive to say you would do something that you and everyone else knows could never happen. WHY DON'T YOU SEE THAT?!?!

It's just a bullshit FAKE statement meant to impress the naive. And apparently, it's working.

Again, listen closely, I am willing to fight Optimus Prime, right now. So I must be the baddest man on the planet, because I said I would do it. Is that now true?
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