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Joe Lauzon and the rest of them can kick rocks.

Hay hendo waited at least a week and a half maybe even longer before even telling Dana he was hurt.

So why didn't he call Dana and say "hay you might want to start making other plans I'm injured and might not be able to fight."

And for some reason nobody's pissed about that? If you haven't herd hendo tweeted today that he just got done working out with team members naming the guys he was supposedly training with and one of them tweeted back to hendo he hadn't seen him in the gym in a wile, why was he saying they worked out. Had Dan not named names and got caught lying we still might not know the score.

IDK guys, lots of bad decisions in this mess by just about everyone involved and these fighters coming out of the woodwork to attack Jones need to keep their mouths shut, its making them all look fugly.
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