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It's Dana's fault for putting together such a shit card with only one fight. Nice scapegoating job too.

Chael and Henderson are completely different fighters. One just dives for takedowns all night, the other likes to stand and bang. The "wrestler" tag is oversimplifying.

Of course Chael took the fight. ANYONE would. It's FOR THE BELT. With NO WORK WHATSOEVER. It's not about balls, he has everything to gain and nothing to lose. If he loses it's because he had no camp. If he wins, he's CHAMP.

It's the other way round for Jones. If he wins, he gets NOTHING except "he just beat a guy without a camp" comments. If he loses he loses everything. And for what? "fans" who would still hate him regardless and dissect everything he says.

Also Chael doesn't need to train specifically for Jones, he does the same damn thing every fight regardless of who he's fighting because that's all he knows how to do, and admittedly is pretty good at it. Jones would need to train COMPLETELY differently for Chael though because he probably wasn't training for a guy double legging him all night.

Why not offer the fight to gustaf, davis, glover or AN ACTUAL LHW instead of some guy with an active twitter? I guarantee you many would jump to accept a freebie title shot.

But no follow the bald demagogue and hate who he tells you to hate.
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