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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Agreed on all fronts here.

Whilst I dont think Chael could legitimately 'Earn' a LHW title shot by fighting his way through the best the LHW division has to offer, I think Him stepping up to fight Jones on a weeks notice is very commendable. I also think that whilst that fight may not have been competitive, I think the vast majority of fans would be excited to see that fight.

For Jones to turn down that fight, that a lot of people wanted to see, I think is why so many people are getting so annoyed about the situation.

However... I do not agree that Sonnen should have been given a shot at 152 as that is totally different circumstances. At 151 he was stepping up to the plate in really time short circumstances, to save a card that otherwise would be scrapped. 152 is a bit further away and means they had enough time to draft in somebody more deserving of a title shot... Im not too sure Belfort is that person though
Yep I agree, I know alot of people actually wanted to see Sonnen vs Bones, for all the wrong reasons IMO but still.
I totally see your points here, but still I can't see why the UFC didn't offer any of the LHW prospects the fight, like Gustaf or Glover (at 151). Would make much more sence than Sonnen.

Guess I just have to get it in my head that marketability goes before rankings & sence sometimes in the UFC. Seems what the fans want, especially at injury replacement time is what goes.

Somehow I too wish that Bones didn't turn the fight down, because I wanted a card lol. But also being far from a Jones fan I really feel the need to defend him here, he gets more shit than he deserves over this.
He's an arrogant kid with GJ at his back, wich annoys the hell out of me too, but I think the way Dana puts this whole thing on them is unfair and just a way to air his frustration over money lost.
I say its 50/50 the fault of the UFC/JJ&GJ.

And also for personaly dislike it kind of sickens me that Sonnen is the only real winner of this whole disaster, when he really doesn't have anything at all to do with it.

Many ppl seem to think it's cool of Sonnen to take this deal, I fail to see what he has to lose. He gets a titleshot he doesn't deserve, coming off a loss and a diff. Weigh class. What is there to think about?

If he loses, it was expected, if he wins then...yea. Even if he goes in and just performs OK, he would more or less be garanteed another shot soon since everyone gets dominated by Jones.

Sorry for the rant lol, I just had to throw all my feelings out regarding this whole thing. I understand if you don't reply to all this. It was directed at the whole board as much as your previous answer.

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