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Originally Posted by tecnotut View Post
I agree with your first comment that Sonnen converted JJ fans to his side, but I definitely wouldn't say it takes "balls to challenge" Jones in 8 days. Quite frankly, I say that Sonnen (or any other fighter who wanted to fight JJ) is also acting like a "business man." If he wins, he wins. If he loses, then he really didn't lose. Why? Because his loss will be explained away by the fact that he only had 8 days to prepare. That sounds like a very rational, business decision to me.
Exactly, a lot of people don't get this.

If Sonnen wins: Then he wins the LHW title, obviously.

If Sonnen loses: Gets a lot of fans in the process. Dana loves him even more. He literally does not lose a single thing in the standings. Makes six figures EASILY, if not seven. Looks overall awesome.

I would call it more "balls of wisdom" than "balls of steel".

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