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JDS GOAT? How do you see Cain doing ? Cormier? Overeem?

I mean JDS has had an impressive run, he took a long tough road to the title and breezed through the opposition.

What does he have to do to be considered GOAT? Is the HW division stacked enough? Will he have to reign for a decade like Fedor did? Could he never be considered GOAT because he would never have beat a prime Cro Cop?

Cains in trouble if he cant take him down or keep him down which nobody not even carwin has been able to do recently!

Alister Overeem seems a bad match up for JDS on paper but he does have a suspect chin and has lost alot of size/muscle as of late.

Dan Cormier has the best wrestling imo and its enough to take JDS down imo, how is his GnP gonna be VS JDS Jujitsu? He wont be able to out strike JDS although he has a punchers chance (if his glass hands dont break again)

Lastly the Elephant in the room is MARK HUNT! LITERALLY! He has a hard head on par with Nelsons, Heavy heavy hands on par with Carwins and far superior striking skill on par with Overeems, is naturally hard to take down and has improved TDD as of late. He has the best bet imo, so long as he is motivated, but will the UFC allow it to happen? Is Mark not ever gonna get past decent wrestlers to be able to get a title shot?

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