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We are getting ready for the TV card now as Bully Beatdown (and all the Mayhem weirdness that brings up) comes to a close.

Ryan Martinez vs Mike Wessel (HW):

Round 1: Nice Ganesh tattoo on Ryan Martinez. My favorite Hindu god. Glove tap and they're off. Quick flurry by Wessel and Martinez clinches. Wessel gets free and tries to flurry again. Martinez abandons his southpaw counter strategy and clinches again. Wessel free once more. Wessel flurrying while Martinez trying to pick his way carefully through with counters and Wessel clinches against the fence. Has an over and underhook, but no real action. Martinez circles out at the 3:40 mark. Wessel lands a decent right from a two punch combo. Wessel more patient now and Martinez working an occasional jab while evading the lumbering strikes of Wessel. Martinez lands a good outside leg kick and in some action from both, Martinez gets a bumrush to the ground, but Wessel stands back up. Clinch up against the fence and Wessel spins it to drop down for a takedown. Martinez tries a guillotine and Wessel goes down to his knees. Back up and they're out in the open and squaring up once more. Martinez testing range and somehow accidentally knocks Wessel onto his back by just standing there. Martinez has side control and is looking to elbow or get the keylock. Wessel straight-arms out of the keylock. Martinez staying low and tight, fires the occasional elbow/hammerfist. Wessel trying to keep wrist control and mostly avoids damage. 10-9, Martinez.

Round 2: Another aggressive flurry from Wessel to open and both guys land, but clinch up against hte fence. Wessel tries a takedown, but Martinez gets out. Martinez tries a clinch off a lunging right and a leg trip, but no dice. Wessel spins the clinch and Martinez tries another leg trip. Wessel nearly grabs the fence to avoid it, but has to give in. Martinez in side control, but not being heavy. Wessel to turtle and then back to feet. Wessel tries a more varied series of attacks with a few leg kicks. The southpaw Martinez trying to entice Wessel in some more and jabs successfully. Martinez still trying to entice and goes for a head kick! He kinda lands it, but Wessel catches it by the head and dumps Martinez to the ground. Wessel on top of a turtled Martinez and hurts him with punches. martinez back to the feet and lands a big knee to the head. Martinez looks hurt and Wessel looks like he wants to be more composed. Martinez circling and appears to be trying to land jabs and straight lefts. Wessel mostly missing with his strikes and chasing his opponent around. Lotta feints from both. Flurry, Wessel lands more and they clinch up. Martinez gets an awkward leg trip to work and is in top of closed guard. Wessel working wrist control to avoid strikes, but it's not working well. Very narrow 10-9 for Martinez.

Round 3: Wessel lands a big right hand after some squaring off and light blows from both. Leg kick lands for martinez after some pawing. Wessel tries a terrible leg kick and misses. Short trade and glancing blows for both. Wessel lands a few in a combination and Martinez circles away to reset. Leg kick lands for Martinez. Wessel tries a long range body kick and glances it off an elbow. Wessel clinches up and Martinez wriggles free. Martinez being patient and countering. Nice left cross on the chin for Martinez. Doesn't faze Wessel much. Wessel catches a leg kick and clinches up. Wessel tries a very half-hearted leg trip, but no dice. Knee in the clinch for Wessel and another. And another. Martinez fires back with a punch, but switches to guarding against the knees. Wessel still clinching and Martinez spins the clinch around and lands a knee to the head before they break. Wessel lands a body punch as Martinez spins out and lands two or three punches in a lunging run. Martinez clinches and looks for a leg trip. Wessel trying to get double unders and gets smacked in the ear by Martinez with a right. They're in the open again and Martinez lands a left. Wessel tries a clinch again and takes a few punches while delivering a knee and some punches of his own. Martinez clinches and drives Wessel back against the fence. 10-9 Martinez for a 30-27 sweep on my unofficial card.

Jimmy Smith probably gave that a 29-28 to Wessel, but I disagree with him.

Results: Mike Wessel, split decision.

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