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Dan Henderson did mess up by not saying something right away.

But people that think they were prepping Chael Sonnen are reaching so far.

Dan Henderson AS ALWAYS tries to fight through his injuries and make sure he is going to show up on the date he says he is going to show up. He wanted to fight on 1 leg but Dana White made him see his doctor and the doctor said you are not allowed. That is all there is to it.

Get past the conspiracy theories you jokers.

And Sonnens 3 weeks compared to Jon Jones 12 weeks. Even if the conspiracy theory is true Jon Jones still had no reason to turn down the fight lmao

Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
Like I suspected, Henderson jacked this up from the beginning. Had they been able to go to Jones three weeks ago with a new opponent he might have took the fight maybe not but Dana could have saved the card with that kind of time.

Its been known that Henderson was injured for 3 weeks for a while now. It changes nothing. Henderson wanted to go through with the fight cause thats the kind of man he is and the doctors didnt let him. Then the little brat Jon Jones who prepared for 12 weeks had to pull out because there is a change in opponents. What a embarrassment to himself.

Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
what I don't get is why they didn't spend a little more time trying to plan things out instead of cancelling it. Just make up a headliner using two of


add a co-headliner with somebody like sonnen that will take a fight at any moment and boom, a significantly worse card, but still a card.

You do realize that most of those guys have fights planned??? And im not even going to bother mentioning the rest of the reasons that wasnt an option.

Maybe couple months ago when the card was being planned they could have worked out something BUT at the time alot of the guys were just coming off fights anyway. So this just isnt a realistic option.

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