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I slammed jones for this a few days ago, but now I have a change of heart. You guys are all chatting s****. Yeah jones took a fight on 2 weeks notice against shogun, but he had nothing to lose back then, and look what happened to shogun. Jones is probably one of the most talked about fighters in the UFC ever, he had just got sponsored by Nike, he's the light heavy weight champion and he had all that to lose. Ime a big Sonnen fan, and yeah he hadn't trained for a fight, and yeah he might of got destroyed but what happens if he had won?. Jones had to much to risk on taking a fight he hadn't trained for, a different fighter, and a fighting coming of a lose in a completely different devision. Jones has still accepted a fight in 3 weeks time, has anyone give him credit for that.

This was the ufc's fault for such a lame card, and when Dana couldn't fix the problem and let the fans down he through the blame onto jones. Hendo has knew about the injury for 3 weeks, why didn't he give the UFC a little heads up that maybe he wouldn't be able to fight?.

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