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I think jones is being used as a bit of a scape goat. The whole thing has been handled terribly and the UFC really need to look at their handling of the situation. Particulary as was suggested the injurynwas known about 3 weeks ago. It should never been allowed to come to a fighter having to take a fight on a weeks notice.. However, it seems much easier for them to blame someone that trying to focus their energies on preventing this to happen.

With regard to jones turning down the fight. Whether people like it not this is jones, profession and job. I would suggest for the top guys like jones, this stopped being a sport sometime ago and as such they look at it differently to us fans who see it as a sport. Most of us in our careers do what is best for us, jones ain't any different.

I personally thought he should have taken the fight as he would have won. However, I'm not the guy the could potentially blowing millions by a defeat..

Like another poster I think this will all blow over in a few months. Think people in main are just looking for an excuse to hate.
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