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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Honestly itís hard to think of one you could follow. I think the last paragraph of your original post explains your confusion quite well. You have no experiences of professional responsibility to draw on for reference.

hereís an example that at first look might seem as off the wall as yours but will make more sense to those not immersed in academia.

Iím just a dumb olí construction worker so Iíll use that.

Say Iím a project manager for a big company. Iím building a 2 million dollar strip mall. If I finish in 16 weeks I get a huge bonus. For 14 weeks i have worked 7 days a week to make this happen.

My employer calls me after supper while I am calling subs trying to force the next day to happen and he tells me ďJohnny has had a heart attack. I want you to drop the strip mall and take over the $20 million hospital renovation tomorrow.Ē

The Hospital renovation is late and over budget and nobody is going to be getting a bonus from it. If I donít stay focused, the mall wonít be finished in time for a bonus.

Do you tell your employer ďNo thanks, I prepared for the strip mall. The strip mall will make me look good. The Hospital is a no win situation for me.Ē


While that may seem abstract to you it is closer to the reality of this situation than the analogy that you used.

I hope it helps your confusion
This is actually a pretty good analogy. I refute my comments.
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