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Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
I though of making this a poll, but I'm interested in reasoned opinions, not an estimation of how unpopular Jones is right now, so no poll.

I'm also not trying to defend Jones, exactly. I think in terms of Risk vs Reward Jones made the right decision. I also think the right decision in this case was selfish and unsportsmanlike. I just want to address this one issue that has been bothering me.

I've been reading a lot of comments about how Chael is a 185er, out of shape because he didn't have a training camp, etc'.

Let's start with the obvious - Hendo is an old man in fighter years, and doesn't cut much weight. While Chael isn't as big as Jones, he's probably bigger in the cage than Dan is.

Out of shape? Even if he's been doing nothing but light aerobic exercise and sparring for the past month and a half he should still have much better cardio than Dan, and is twice as athletic.

As far as preparation goes, assuming Henderson's injury really did happen just the other day, and they haven't been sitting on the knowledge that he might not be able to fight (and let's just say I have my doubts about that,) neither fighter has had time to prepare for the other. This works in Chael's favor, IMO. Against an unprepared Jones an unprepared Chael has a small chance of success. Against a prepared Jones Chael has virtually no chance of success, prepared or otherwise.

Do you think Chael is too small to take Jones down, given that Jones probably hasn't been working his counter-wrestling much in camp? Do you think he's so out of shape he couldn't go five rounds?

Lambaste Jones all you want for being a dishonest coward, I won't fault you for that. But don't do it by downplaying the danger Chael poses, that's simply disingenuous.
Why would it be a 5 round fight?
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