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A fighter isn't one person though. I personally don't care about seeing Jon Jones be knocked out, but after this stuff I don't consider myself a fan. For a casual to MMA, having someone on the ranks who you aren't specifically a fan of, but you don't care about seeing get bad for business. Chael Sonnen Vs Anderson Silva generally was everyone wanting to see Chael lose. Everyone was interested. With Jon loses LOADS of fans over this, no one really cares to see him win or lose. THAT's when the "I have to do what's best for me" comes into it. His PPV buys WILL go down after this. Against Vitor you can expect something decent because Vitor is still a legend and in the immediate wake of things, there will be a few, like myself, hoping for a new LHW champion. But say Jones wins, and he fights someone like Gus next, with a lot of people not caring to watch him and Gus not having a HUGE fanbase, the buy rates will be pretty damn low I think.

Chael Sonnen, if he lost to JBJ, wouldn't have lost fans. Losing doesn't mean fans turn away from you. If you remain the same fighter they liked you for, then you won't lose fans because of a single loss. Had, somehow, Bones lost to Sonnen, his fans would have gave loads of respect to Sonnen, drew it down to underestimating and lack of correct preperation, and kept their eyes closley watching as he came back for the top spot. The way it was handled, people won't be that interested in anything he does after 152. His opponents will dictate the buy rates. He was so highly ranked because he was this greatly talented and dominant fighter. Now, he's ranked as this greatly talented fight ducker. The stigma has eased off a bit. He has lost fans because, as I said, his appearance CHANGED. He isn't what his fans bought into. It's like a political version of why Condit and Guida may have lost fans after their "gameplan" fights. People don't like fighters because they win. That's not being a fan, that's jumping on a bandwagon. When Machida lost his fights, he still remained in my favourite fighters. When Nick Diaz lost to Condit, he stayed as my GOAT fighter. When Anderson Silva got his ass handed to him by Sonnen, he still remained as the best fighter ever to step into the cage. When you CHANGE what people like about you, you lose fans. Jon Jones lost a lot of fans.

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