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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Ah I see Ronda is trying to sneak into the UFC forum by joining the lynchmob.

Just talk about your regular nonsense and go back to the WMMA forum that like 3 people read.

This from her, one week after she said she'd refuse to fight Cyborg at 145. Irony is lost on some people.
I agree with the irony thing, i thought the same thing when i read this.

But if you watch the video she talks about cyborg and more. She didn't just join the mob, the reporter asked her her opinion. And Rhonda did say "I havent talked to jon personally so i cant really comment but if it was me, i would have."

I think her whole point was that she has been on the undercards where the main event fell threw and she didnt have rent money because of it, and she wouldnt do that to anyone else.. Which really makes me question, what event? Its not like she has 20 fights or something. And you dont make money in amateur (Atleast enough to pay for bills) unless you get sponsors.

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