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Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
Honestly, I feel bad for the guy.

Not from a fighting stand-point (because the dude's ass kicker), but from a public relations and public appeal stand-point. EVERY SINGLE THING that Jon Jones has said and done has been scrutinized and criticized to no end what so ever. From lying about DUI, to letting Machida fall to the ground, to lying about not fighting Rashad Evans, to typing "Carrying the cross", etc... Just forget the fact that he's taking responsibility for a card the the universe is blaming him for canceling, you're not aloud to type "Carrying the cross" because apparently that's a sign that you're cocky and arrogant. In the eye's of some fans, Jon Jones can do no right, and I mean literally.

Is Jon Jones the ONLY UFC fighter to lie about something? Is Jon Jones the ONLY UFC fighter to get a DUI? Is Jon Jones the only UFC fighter to not take a fight? I think we can agree that the answer to these questions are no. He may be the first champion to not take a fight (if I'm not mistaken), but seriously, and lets be honest here, do you honestly think Jones was ducking Chael Sonnen, a guy who has no business even being in the same cage with him, especially ever dominating 4 former LHW Champions? Jones has said many times that he's not perfect. He's said many times that he can be beat. But apparently he doesn't mean those things because he's "fake".

Jon has had to be perfectly squeaky clean ever since he as been on the rise. And whats bad is, now has to be even more perfect, because I don't see the UFC backing him for a little while after this. Now I'm sure if he continues to dominate, and make the UFC money, all will be forgiven. But I don't know what it is with some people. Maybe it's true when you rise to the top, that's when the haters come. Maybe some people can't find any holes in the way he fights, so they find holes in his personality, his personal life, and the decisions that he's made.
Well i think you need to realize that when you "Apologize" for something you cant start out with "It wasnt my fault but il take responsiblity for it. I am sorry" Ofcourse you are going to sound like a douche. Thats not a real apology... you are not really taking responsibility.

If anything Jon Jones is lucky because he has said and done sooo many douchey things and every time someone calls him out on it there are people acting like it is "Undeserved" or something. When quiet frankly it is FULLY deserved. Jon Jones has no one but himself to blame. Not just in this recent fiasco but with all his fiascos. The guy says something douchey every other week. Iv never seen a fighter do that. Its crazy to me...

Best advice Jones could take if he wants to be liked by the public is


Because the less of his personality comes out the better. For **** sakes man.. he considers letting people buy his shirt as "blessing them". Who says stuff like that?? Is Jones a ******* priest or something and he is going to bless me?? The stuff he says is just downright ridiculous. And thats just who he is.

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