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I have to agree with the opinion that Bisping has a better sight line to this than most of us. Granted he has yet to fight for a belt, however being a top ranked middleweight, taking a fight on short notice (like he did with Chael) could/did have adverse affects on his ability to fight for a title.

I understand Bones' point that he is a champ, and has to make sure he is prepared to the best of his ability. What I am trying to understand is for people to be mixed martial artists, who train in all discplines, who has had a full training camp and is in shape. How hard is it to watch video's on a guy who fights a weight class lower than you, who arguably has less knock out power, and has had the exact amount of time to prep as you did?

Jones at 24 years old would have really lost nothing, even if he lost the fight, except for his pride. Dana would grant him an instant rematch, where he would have tonnes of time to prep for, not to mention one of the biggest pay days in his career (because all he fights for now is money).

Nothing wrong with that. For people who say 'well now this is a sport', it always was one. In sports injuries happen, and trying to compare this to baseball or football is crazy. Its a mixed martial arts competition, plain and simple. Someone gets hurt, a replacement comes in. A 'pound for pound' champ should be prepared for all comers. This isn't a case of someone coming to the weigh in's and changing fighters. The guy has over a week to watch tape and go over strategy. Granted he will be losing weight and doing interviews, but he would be doing that anyway regardless of opponent.

This whole gearing a training camp for 1 fighter is understood as well. Chael a southpaw is different from Hendo. However, the styles to a Mixed Martial Artist is something they train full time for. It is hard to see the arguement that a person needs to train for a specific person, when a fighter of Bones' calibre does nothing else but train MMA.

Anyway, just my random thoughts. I still respect Bones' fighting ability, I have however lost any respect for him as a martial artist.
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