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Honestly, I feel am one of the most roid suspicious people on here, but Manhoef just doesn't seem to set my roid-dar off. I was harping on here about Reem (duh), Sherk, Shamrock, Irvin, both cyborgs, Antonio Silva etc. long before they got caught, to me it was absurd to see people defending them as natural as it was completely obvious they were juicing.

Also on the list were Coleman, Baroni, Sapp and Randelman as the obvious ones that got lucky and never got caught, and Uber-Mir after the 2nd Lesnar loss when he packed on muscle like crazy, right before he came out of the TRT closet. In addition I always suspected Shogun, Wanderlei and Filho as guys that were on them in Japan and stopped when they came to the US, displaying classic withdrawal symptoms and performance drops.

Manhoef is ripped like a greek statue true, but something about his body type doesn't strike me as the "monstrous" type that usually comes from steroids. Disproportionally big, popping veins, overly aggressive and douchy in interviews, that sort of thing, which all of the guys above had displayed.

This is just completely my opinion of course and I'm not trying to pass it off as anything more.
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