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MMA Forum Survival GP Season 5

Time for the return boys and girls and it starts at UFC 152.

Prize is 1 million credits or a Lifetime Membership (can be used on yourself or gifted if winner is already a Lifetime Member.)

This is relatively simple to sign up for just make your pick on the main event winner. (NO EDITING Unless the fighters in the main even change) Those who get it right move on those who get it wrong are out. It continues for each UFC event with the number of fights per card to pick periodically increasing. If you fail to make a pick your out. If nobody gets it right then everyone moves on. If multiple fights are called all have to be right to advance.

For UFC 152 it will be main event only so

Vitor Belfort vs Jon Jones.

If you edit your post it won't count.

Toxic - Vitor Belfort
Rauno - Jon Jones
dudeabides - Jon Jones
Dtwizzy2k5 - Jon Jones
TheLyotoLegion - Jon Jones
orangekoolaid - Jon Jones
Leakler - Jon Jones
HitOrGetHit - Vitor Belfort
GrappleRetarded - Jon Jones
locnott - Jon Jones
St.Paul Guy - Jon Jones
G_Land - Jon Jones
xxpillowxxjp - Jon Jones
John8204 - Jon Jones
Alessia - Jon Jones
El Bresko - Jon Jones
Killz - Jon Jones
AJClark - Vitor Belfort
OHKO - Jon Jones
ClydebankBlitz - Jon Jones
kney - Jon Jones
Sports_Nerd - Jon Jones
otronegro - Jon Jones
sillywillybubba - Jon Jones
Grotty - Jon Jones
Hooligan222 - Vitor Belfort
kickstar - Jon Jones
Roflcopter - Jon Jones
AlphaDawg - Jon Jones
dlxrevolution - Jon Jones
LizaG - Jon Jones
luckbox - Jon Jones
Guy Incognito - Vitor Belfort
hixxy - Jon Jones
MagiK11 - Vitor Belfort
Life B Ez - Vitor Belfort
MMAnWEED - Jon Jones
aldolf - Jon Jones
Ape City - Jon Jones
Hawndo - Jon Jones

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