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Originally Posted by music5x5 View Post
I think the new UFC contracts should be strongly tied to the date instead of a particular opponent. If a fighter is healthy but unwilling to fight on the agreed date (regardless of opponent), he will be fined or suspended.

This will make fighters not only prepare for a particular opponent as usual but also prepare to fight any opponent on the agreed date.
The bad thing about that is what if lets say a fighter is preparing for a striker with no takedown skills then ends up with a wrestler who only lays and grinds the fight out? The fighter goes in not ready for that type of fight. In my eyes these fighters do a lot more then just train their own skills, they watch and study who they are fighting and try to find their weaknes and work on exposing that. MMA isnt about who has the best skills anymore its who has the right skills and the right gameplans and the right mix of the two. Jon Jones isnt the most skilled fighter in MMA but he does use his skills and tools(reach)the best.

Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
Rule #1: The UFC doesn't try to sell any more cards with just one worthwhile fight on them. If the co-main event can't be moved up it wasn't good enough to be a co-main in the first place.

Rule #2: Both main and co-main event have a replacement fighter assigned beforehand in case of injury. It would be that fighter's responsibility to be prepared to take the fight at a moment's notice, and the responsibility of the two fighters scheduled to appear on the card to be prepared for that fighter, as well as each other.*
Addendum #1: Backup fighters get paid enough to cover their expenses even if they don't end up fighting, and whenever possible should be juggled into the lineup of upcoming cards so their camp isn't wasted.

Addendum #2: For cards in which both main and co-main event are fought at the same weight class, one replacement fighter should be enough. (In freak situation in which two of the four fighters are injured at the least minute, the Co-main can be rescheduled. This should be ridiculously rare anyway.)
*I've been considering this since the recent clusterf***s at UFC 147 and 149, but those went on despite the ravaged lineups, so it seemed excessive. But once the UFC starts cancelling cards it seems it's time to start implementing contingency plans.
Like I said before. What if say contender B has a different style then contender A does the Champ train for both fighters style while both contenders only train for the champ style.

MMA and sports is more then who is the best fighter/ athletes its who is who can put all the right tools together.
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