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Originally Posted by jooshwa View Post
The bad thing about that is what if lets say a fighter is preparing for a striker with no takedown skills then ends up with a wrestler who only lays and grinds the fight out? The fighter goes in not ready for that type of fight. In my eyes these fighters do a lot more then just train their own skills, they watch and study who they are fighting and try to find their weaknes and work on exposing that. MMA isnt about who has the best skills anymore its who has the right skills and the right gameplans and the right mix of the two. Jon Jones isnt the most skilled fighter in MMA but he does use his skills and tools(reach)the best.
I agree with this, but on the other hand the fighters can't always have it their way. The sport wouldn't exist if not for the fans, and you can't just cancel or castrate cards on them whenever a fighter gets injured.

As for Jones, people tend to significantly underrate his skills just because he has long arms and legs. I'd put his MT somewhere in the top 15% in the UFC, and his wrestling easily in the top 1%. It's hard to call his submission grappling skills because he tends to submit opponents who have already been wrecked, but Rampage for example hadn't been submitted in over a decade and Jones slapped a flying triangle on him late in the 3rd. That's high level stuff.

Like I said before. What if say contender B has a different style then contender A does the Champ train for both fighters style while both contenders only train for the champ style.

MMA and sports is more then who is the best fighter/ athletes its who is who can put all the right tools together.
Then the champ has to suck it up, watch twice as much tape, and work on his complete game. Like I said, fans.
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