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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
I never said he opened his head open. The blood from Cenas mouth was correct if i remember correctly.

I don't have first hand experience but it seems only logical that adjusting from MMA to pro wrestling wouldn't be a piece of cake. That's just my opinion. Do you have first hand experience?
Yeah the blood was from his mouth. Brock never split open Cenas head. And its pretty easy to get a bloody mouth... but i still wouldnt even be surprised if that was set up and he had a blood capsule in his mouth.

How is that Logical??
You do realize everyone knows that wrestling is fake right including people who train MMA?? Why would you have any harder time adjusting to wrestling if you train MMA then anyone else trying pro wrestling??? I train MMA and i can still throw a fake punch or fake kick just as easy as anyone else can. And you arnt going to forget that this is "fake" in the middle of the ring and go real on the guy. MMA doesnt give you ******* flashback mental problems like war might lol.

If Brock is having a problem in the ring its because he is a shitty pro wrestler. Not because he trained MMA.

Sure his pro wrestling skills are probably rusty since he stopped and focused on MMA. BUT they would get rusty if he stopped and focused on fishing or whatever else out there. Him getting Rusty is just what happens when you take time off.

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